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I live in Ontario Canada. Was having trouble. Some times my Jeep wouldn't start. Wiggle fob then it might start... Dealers here in Ontario and other provinces could not get me a win module.. due to back order. So came across Auto Tech and I was able to get one. Cause I was in Canada I could not complete order online because of international shipping. So I sent a text message and with help from Cindy I was able to place the order... On Tuesday Aug 31 and received it Thursday Sept 2.. very impressive.. 2 days. So I plugged it in as advertised and works well.. will definitely recommend and continue to do business with them. Excellent customer service!
(Rating 10/10)
I was having intermittent starting problems with my 2011 Ram 2500. I had narrowed the issue down to my ignition module. In searching online for possible ways to fix it I came across ATE on YouTube.

I was impressed by their knowledge of the issue and ordered my module. It arrived the next day and I took 10 minutes to install it. I thought I was home free as the truck started, locks worked, remote start worked on a quick testing. Then I started it to run longer and it would only run 10 seconds and quit.

I got on the phone with ATE (they answered immediately!) and we went through a short run-through of my issue. The tech was going to get back to me after I answered their questions and within a half hour I got word that they were programming another unit and would ship it that day.

The next day I received the second unit, another 10 minute install and - Perfect!! The truck started, locks worked and remote start worked.

ATE was as professional in their support as anyone could hope for. The first module apparently did not fully take the programming necessary to mate it to the VIN and there was no way to know until I plugged it in. ATE was on the ball programming and shipping another unit before I had even talked with them about that.

You can trust these people to have your back when you are using their products. Good Show ATE !!
(Rating 10/10)
Skip Griswold
Took a little longer to receive order for WIN ignition module, but took 20 min. to install, works great!!!!!!!!!
(Rating 8/10)
Randy Jensen, Fireworks Extraordinaire
By far one of the best experiences I have had ordering my wireless control module for my 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Cindy was so helpful ordering and getting the part delivered to me promptly.
R&R new wireless module, works great!!!!
Thank you for your help highly recommend ATE.
(Rating 10/10)
Kevin Sweeney
They were professional and so helpful the price is half another shop and they stand behind their product. Got my hemi challenger running again. Thanks
(Rating 10/10)
Ben volrich, Self
Couldn't ask for faster or better service! WIN module went out on my Cummins. Ordered new module and it arrived the next day as promised. Installed and fired right up and running great!
Thanks for everything!
(Rating 10/10)
Dealer quoted me at a start of $700 for a WIN module, and a local shop told me that a bad WIN module could create a chain reaction and I could potentially have a whole slew of other problems. I decided to order a pre-programmed module for my 12 ram 2500, a 5 min install and my Cummins was back in business. Highly recommend Auto Tech Electronic instead of going to the "stealer"ship.
(Rating 10/10)
Keola Wills
I had been having a lot of problems with my 2010 dodge chargers ignition and after looking around found this site. They have the best price I could find so decided to give them a shot. I certainly wasn't disappointed. I had my doubts about the plug and play capability but after receiving my new WIN module the day after ordering it and installing it my car is running like new. Zero problems with the remotes. I will definitely recommend to my friends and plan on doing business with them again very soon.
(Rating 10/10)
2012 Ram 1500 with over 300K miles. 1 key fob MIA, the other was dead, ignition was sketchy. Decided to do an upgrade to remote start, with new WIN module. Very good communication, answered questions, and called when there was an issue on their end for me to make a decision. Overall a very pleasing experience and a great product!!
(Rating 10/10)
Mario Medina
We got an ignition switch, 2 fobs (programmed), and 2 keys within 48 hours of our purchase. The process was easy, payment information was secure, Walton answered our question promptly. I will definitely use them again and refer others to them.
(Rating 10/10)
Harry Hoke

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