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Average Rating: 9.93/10
I ended up at Auto Tech after many calls to diff mechanics and on-line searches. My Chrysler 300 2005 would not start. 2 tows to local mechanic, then tow to dealer & I was told the immobilizer WCM was damaged and Chrysler no longer makes part. I communicated with Cindy at Auto Tech who found & got the part. She was very professional and helpful and was determined to help me get my car back. She explained everything to me that dealer would not need to do any programming, etc. So far so good! I am grateful for Cindy's help and to have my car back working after 3 whole months! While my car is a 2005, a new engine was installed before this part went. Thank you!
(Rating 10/10)
N Kazameas
Dealership was charging me like 1200 and I was going to need a tow truck to get my truck to the dealership that was going to be like another 300. Saved like 500 bucks. Their YouTube video walked me through to remove and install the wireless ignition node. Thanks for helping me get my truck back on the road.
(Rating 8/10)
GREAT company.
When I took the old part to an auto parts store, they told me my truck did not have one.
Thanks to ATE I was up and running in two days. They also helped diagnose another problem and got it solved.
(Rating 10/10)
I own a 2012 Ram 2500 4x4 with a 5.7 Hemi. Here’s the story. My truck suddenly would not start one night after taking my wife out to eat Ended up costing $200 to get it towed home. Got online and started learning these trucks were notoriously having problems after 100k miles. I learned what a WIN module was. Dealership wanted upwards of $1500 to replace it AND I would have to have it towed to them for repair (another $200). Then I found ATE. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I could do the repair/replacement myself for a fraction of the dealer cost. I read the reviews. I couldn’t believe someone made the WIN module that was completely programmed and ready to install. Placed my order. Got the new WIN module and 2 pre-programmed keys in 3 days. It took literally 4 minutes to install it and my truck started right up and was ready to roll. Thank you ATE.
(Rating 10/10)
J Love
Great service. I needed an RF hub and they are back ordered from Dodge until Jan 2022. Luckliy I found this company so I contacted them to make sure they had the correct parts. I Ordered a RF hub kit for a Ram 3500 with two fobs and I added the push button for good measure the old button was a little beat up. Got the order in then I received a text asking me a little bit of information about the truck and the concern for replacing after my order. It came in the next day and just like it says plug and play. Plugged everything in and truck started right up.
(Rating 10/10)
Isai Torres
I am actually speechless with this company. They saved me. Mechanics knew the problem was my wind module, but nobody could fix it, they said it could not be fixed. And to find a new one there was only 700 in production and would take till least December to find one. Obviously I could not wait to do that, being a single mother I need to work. A friend of mine sent the video from YouTube on auto tech electronic, I thought to myself doesn’t hurt to try but do I have to lose at this point I don’t have a car nobody can fix it. I sent my wind module in Friday they received it Sunday, it is Thursday and I am driving my car! I cried when my car started! I cannot believe they were able to fix my module in one day and send it back to me overnight. And they are so kind I called and spoke to a very nice woman and a very nice gentleman. I can’t believe they text me and answered my questions and talked to me! They are such wonderful people! Being that I am from Pennsylvania and I sent my module all the way to Texas again I was a little hesitant. But I’m glad I did. And I want to thank you all for going above and beyond to help me. Please if you have any issues with your wind module especially if you drive a Dodge charger! Do not wait please give Auto tech electronic a call! You will not be sorry I promise you. I wasn’t.
(Rating 10/10)
Melanie Miller
I live in Ontario Canada. Was having trouble. Some times my Jeep wouldn't start. Wiggle fob then it might start... Dealers here in Ontario and other provinces could not get me a win module.. due to back order. So came across Auto Tech and I was able to get one. Cause I was in Canada I could not complete order online because of international shipping. So I sent a text message and with help from Cindy I was able to place the order... On Tuesday Aug 31 and received it Thursday Sept 2.. very impressive.. 2 days. So I plugged it in as advertised and works well.. will definitely recommend and continue to do business with them. Excellent customer service!
(Rating 10/10)
I was having intermittent starting problems with my 2011 Ram 2500. I had narrowed the issue down to my ignition module. In searching online for possible ways to fix it I came across ATE on YouTube.

I was impressed by their knowledge of the issue and ordered my module. It arrived the next day and I took 10 minutes to install it. I thought I was home free as the truck started, locks worked, remote start worked on a quick testing. Then I started it to run longer and it would only run 10 seconds and quit.

I got on the phone with ATE (they answered immediately!) and we went through a short run-through of my issue. The tech was going to get back to me after I answered their questions and within a half hour I got word that they were programming another unit and would ship it that day.

The next day I received the second unit, another 10 minute install and - Perfect!! The truck started, locks worked and remote start worked.

ATE was as professional in their support as anyone could hope for. The first module apparently did not fully take the programming necessary to mate it to the VIN and there was no way to know until I plugged it in. ATE was on the ball programming and shipping another unit before I had even talked with them about that.

You can trust these people to have your back when you are using their products. Good Show ATE !!
(Rating 10/10)
Skip Griswold
Took a little longer to receive order for WIN ignition module, but took 20 min. to install, works great!!!!!!!!!
(Rating 8/10)
Randy Jensen, Fireworks Extraordinaire
By far one of the best experiences I have had ordering my wireless control module for my 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Cindy was so helpful ordering and getting the part delivered to me promptly.
R&R new wireless module, works great!!!!
Thank you for your help highly recommend ATE.
(Rating 10/10)
Kevin Sweeney

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