Overall Rating: 99.23%
Average Rating: 9.92/10
I was having problems with my 2011 RAM so I called auto tech, instead of just selling me their product they told me how to trouble shoot it first come find it was the starter. They could have sold me their WIN box and got my money, I would recommend this honest company. A lot of places would have just taken my money.
jerome proctor
2012 Ram 2500 5.7
I was dealing with my WIN module for over a year. Using all the tricks. I'd already priced the module, fobiks and programming.
Not within my budget.
Looking for other ways to deal with this issue, i came across ATE.
Great customer service. The new module and fobiks got here days earlier than i expected. Factory parts. Preprogrammed.
Tech support is top of the line. My truck is up and running. Thank you Auto Tech Electronic. I hope more people will benefit from the service you offer.
Auto Tech Electronic sold me a WIN module for a 2012 Ram diesel and it works flawlessly. This is an awesome company to do business with and the receptionist is very polite and will get you an answer for any question you may have. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give Auto Tech Electronic an 11. Thank you Auto Tech Electronic.
PS: It took longer to get my tools out than it did to install the module. Great product.
Ron Vinson
Quality product and great customer service. Instructions weren’t the best on some parts but if your doing this yourself then you know what your doing. Wasn’t hard at all. Glad I finally made the purchase.
Purchased a new WIN module for 2010 RAM 1500. VERY fast shipping, received in two days. 10 minute job to install new module, and it works great! Saved $300 from having shop & dealer install and program. Very professional staff, and great vids on YouTube to assist with install. Great Job, Great Product!Heartily recommend.
William Clark

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