Wireless Ignition Node - Dodge RAM 2009 2010 2011 2012 Panic Unlock Lock (non remote start)
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Product ID : wireless_ignition_node___dodge_ram_2009_2010_2011_2012_panic_unl

Wireless Ignition Node - Dodge RAM 2009 2010 2011 2012 Panic Unlock Lock (non remote start)

Sale Price: $699.95
Compared at: $999.95
You Save: $300.00
Weight: 0.80 lbs


  • This unit comes already programmed and ready to use.
  • 3 Year Warranty Nationwide - 36 months with no mileage limitation 
  • Plug and Play / No need to take it to the dealership. 

2009-2012 Dodge RAM 

  • Mopar
  • 68210150AB 68210150AA 68210150AC
  • Ignition Switch
  • 68066724AC, 68066724AD, 68066724AE, 68066724AF, 68066724AG, 68064789AC, 68064789AD, 68064789AE, 68064789AF, 68064789AG, 5026529AB, 5026529AC, 5026529AD, 5026529AE, 68210150AA, 68064957AI, 5026868AA, 5026868AB, 5026868AC, 5026868AD, 5026871AA, 5026871AB, 5026871AC, 5026871AD, 5026873AD, 5026873AE, 5026878AD, 5026884AB, 5026884AC, 5026884AD, 5026884AE, 5026296AD, 5026296AE, 5026296AF, 5026297AD, 5026297AE, 5026297AF, 5026364AG, 5026364AH, 5026364AI, 5026364AJ, 5026364AK, 5026364AL, 5026364AM, 5026365AG, 5026296AF 5026298AF 5026296AD 5026298AD
  • Other Part Numbers: 68241058AC, 68241058AB, 68241058AA, P68241058AC, P68241058AB, P68241058AA, 68241059AC, 68241059AB, 68241059AA, P68241059AC, P68241059AB, P68241059AA, 68241060AC, 68241060AB, 68241060AA, P68241060AC, P68241060AB, P68241060AA, 68241065AC, 68241065AB, 68241065AA, P68241065AC, P68241065AB, P68241065AA, 68241069AC, 68241069AB, 68241069AA, P68241069AC, P68241069AB, P68241069AA, 68241076AC, 68241076AB, 68241076AA, P68241076AC, P68241076AB, P68241076AA
  • Ram 3500. Ram 2500. Ram 1500. Without keyless entry. Wireless ignition receiver. 2009-12, without push button, without remote start.

  • Included With
  • New WIN Repair Kit comes with 2 New Fobik Remotes with insert keys.
  • Does not include Push Button.
  • New WIN comes programmed to your truck's VIN. Just Plug and Drive
  • Additional Pod keys can also be purchased
    • Also programmed to your vehicle, will start the vehicle
    • Pod keys are NOT CUT.
  • $100 for each additional Fobik - Covered under our 3 year warranty

To view a quick video as to WHY the 2nd generation WIN modules cannot be repaired.

If this kit doesn't solve your issue, or you don't want it for whatever reason, you can return it within 30 days, with a 20% Restocking fee.


*We are not responsible for lost, held, or damaged packages. We are not responsible for mis-delivery errors via carrier, or incorrect shipping info. Shipping is a service you purchase from USPS/FedEx along with your order from us, so any shipping issues must be handled by USPS/FedEx.*

"If you are adding remote start, you will be sent a programming tool.  This will need to be sent back the following day for the next customer.  Note that your warranty will be void until the provided return shipping label is used."


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jamiepw77
10/23/2019 - 07:38:04 PM
2010 Dodge Ram Key Damaged
Found their site online after much research when my 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 popped the error "Damaged.Key". After taking my truck and fob to the dealer as the key I had was just programmed they told me since it was not a Mopar key fob it was cheap and they can loose their programming. They also said your WIN module (new age ignition switch) was really tight and would need to be replaced. I am a mechanic but had not worked on anything with a WIN module so I asked them the cost... here is a rough idea... new module $589, programming and installation of the module $286. Now for that $875 they program it to your current keys. I said well my keys do not work so they said Mopar replacement Key Fobs are about $268 + $96 per key. So if I was getting a new module from them I would want 2 keys totalling....$1,603 plus taxes and other shop related costs!!!

Thankfully after much research and after serious urgency due to my truck failing only 1 day after my trip to the delaet more specifically the truck could then be started by my finger (truth I have a video!) And my truck literally shutting down while driving I found Auto Tech Electronics, who sell the WIN module and 2 Keys pre programmed for $589. They also at this time (October 2019) had a special that if your vehicle didn't have remote start you could add that for $200. So I did. It was very easy the actual WIN MODULE can be installed with a Phillips screwdriver and a torx driver in about 5 minutes. Once again preprogrammed! I had to do nothing else for that. The remote start module took me about 45 minutes but probably could have been faster but to ensure I didn't mess up I watched their provided videos and instructions several times. They also sent an OBD and Cell phone with an app and specific instructions on programming the vehicles computer. Now everything works like new and I have a remote start vehicle like I always wanted! Also parts were Mopar! 150% satisfied and will use them for any other electronic repairs on my Ram or Jeep. Thank you Auto Tech Electronic LLC!
Reviewed by martinezisrael78
01/16/2019 - 05:42:57 PM
Fixed all my troubles
I was having trouble with my Ram I had been in and out of different mechanics and wasn't finding the solution to why my truck kept turning off while driving. Decided to google and after finding a possible solution I googled WIN modules, but the dealership was super expensive so I decided to look in ebay but it was the same thing and I came across Auto Tech Electronic and decided to call told them what was going on with my truck and they were able to set me up with a new WIN module and paid a little extra to get it delivered the next day and I did. I am very pleased with the staff and the product! :)
Reviewed by rocall55
01/11/2019 - 11:51:42 AM
Great price, works great!
Don't usually write reviews on things, but these guys really saved me a good buck. i have a 2010 dodge ram. Hit any pot hole and it would shut off on me, then it just wouldn't start at all. saw some videos on Youtube and found Auto Tech Electronic. Called them up to see whats up and they were able to tell me that my win module was bad. Ordered for next day. Got it the next day, connected and we were good to go! These guys are awesome, they save me over $500! Very happy with the part and everything running good.