2009-2012 Dodge Chrysler Jeep Wireless Ignition Node WITH EXISTING Push to Start/Keyless GO - (NO Remote Start)
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Product ID : 2009_2012_dodge_chrysler_jeepWINwithPush2StartNOremotestart

2009-2012 Dodge Chrysler Jeep Wireless Ignition Node WITH EXISTING Push to Start/Keyless GO - (NO Remote Start)

Sale Price: $749.95
Compared at: $1,249.95
You Save: $500.00


***PLEASE NOTE: This kit requires an existing (or NEW) Passive Entry Module from/for your current vehicle.  You are required to send your PEM module so we can program it with the rest of the kit and ship it to you altogether.

*Please note that our cutoff for Next Day shipping is at 3PM the latest. Next Day is not guaranteed regardless of time received.

This product is ONLY for those who already have "Push to Start" / "Keyless Go" CURRENTLY installed in their vehicle.

  • This unit comes already programmed and ready to use.
  • 3 Year Warranty Nationwide - 36 months with no mileage limitation 
  • Plug and Play / No need to take it to the dealership. 
  • We provide the option to add remote start to your vehicle.  If you choose to add it now, it will be an additional $299.95.  If you want to add this feature in the future, the cost will be $349.95.
  • MUST HAVE AUTOMATIC Transmission to get the remote Start option added 

This is the 3rd generation Wireless Ignition Node that replaces the 2nd generation Wireless Ignition Node that comes factory installed. When ordering, please provide vehicle's VIN.
When you receive the product, just remove the old WIN and install the New WIN and drive your vehicle!
Our WIN comes with 3 Year warranty with NO mileage limitation.

Included with the New WIN module are 2 New Fobik Remotes with insert keys.

This New WIN is for vehicles that have Panic, Unlock, and Lock on their current Fobik Remote Key.
2008-2012 Dodge Charger
2008-2010 Dodge Magnum 
2009-2012 Dodge RAM 
2009-2016 Dodge Challenger 
2010-2013 Dodge Durango 
2011-2015 Dodge Grand Caravan 
2013-2015 Dodge CV Cargo Van 
  • Mopar
  • 68210151AB 68210151AA 68210151AC
  • Ignition Switch
  • 68066724AC, 68066724AD, 68066724AE, 68066724AF, 68066724AG, 68064789AC, 68064789AD, 68064789AE, 68064789AF, 68064789AG, 5026529AB, 5026529AC, 5026529AD, 5026529AE, 68210150AA, 68064957AI, 5026868AA, 5026868AB, 5026868AC, 5026868AD, 5026871AA, 5026871AB, 5026871AC, 5026871AD, 5026873AD, 5026873AE, 5026878AD, 5026884AB, 5026884AC, 5026884AD, 5026884AE, 5026296AD, 5026296AE, 5026296AF, 5026297AD, 5026297AE, 5026297AF, 5026364AG, 5026364AH, 5026364AI, 5026364AJ, 5026364AK, 5026364AL, 5026364AM, 5026365AG, 68210156AA, 68210156AB.
  • Other Part Numbers: 68241109AC, 68241109AB, 68241109AA, P68241109AC, P68241099AB, P68241109AA, 68241052AC, 68241052AB, 68241052AA, P68241052AC, P68241052AB, P68241052AA, 68241056AC, 68241056AB, 68241056AA, P68241056AC, P68241056AB, P68241056AA, 68241064AC, 68241064AB, 68241064AA, P68241064AC, P68241064AB, P68241064AA, 68241056AA, 68241056AB, 68241056AC, P68241056AA, P68241056AB, P68241056AC, 
  • MUST be equipped with OEM Keyless Entry
  • New WIN Repair Kit comes with 2 New Fobik Remotes with insert keys.
  • New WIN comes programmed to your vehicle's VIN. Just Plug and Drive
  • Additional Pod keys can also be purchased
    • Also programmed to your vehicle, will start the vehicle
    • Pod keys are NOT CUT.
  • $100 for each additional Fobik - Covered under our 3 year warranty

To view a quick video as to WHY the 2nd generation WIN modules cannot be repaired.

Returns/refunds are permitted.  However, there is a 20% restocking fee on all product returns.

*We are not responsible for lost, held, or damaged packages. We are not responsible for mis-delivery errors via carrier, or incorrect shipping info. Shipping is a service you purchase from USPS/FedEx along with your order from us, so any shipping issues must be handled by USPS/FedEx.*


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