About Us

Mission and Vision 

Our Mission is to provide customers with quality service and diagnostics without going to a dealership that will help them with their “no crank”, “no start” issues on their vehicle. Locally, our Mission is to provide these same services along with on-site assistance with keys or remotes.

At Auto Tech Electronic, we understand the seriousness of fixing a personal or work vehicle at a reasonable price. With our current technology and ability to communicate via multiple instant platforms; our Vision is to be able to provide said services to anyone around the world that needs them. We work hard and want to continue to work hard to save our customers money, time, and unnecessary headaches when dealing with their vehicle issues.

Auto Tech Electronic has helped customers with their Automotive Electronic needs since March 16, 1986. We speciallize in "no start, no crank" situations; depending on the make and model of the vehicle this could begin with the Transponder Key/Fob, Immobilizer Module and ECM or PCM (engine computer). 

All of our products come with free tech support via voice 956-508-3450, text, or email. If you have technical questions it is best to do it via Text or Whatsapp to 830-374-6845.

Returns/refunds are permitted.  However, there is a 20% restocking fee on all product returns.