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Average Rating: 9.94/10
Ordered WIN module and 2 keys for 2012 Ram 1500. Was having trouble starting the truck, had to wiggle the key to get it to crank. Parts arrived within a couple days. Installed them (10-15 minute job) and truck fired right up. Keys properly programmed to WIN module, and WIN module properly programmed via VIN # supplied by me at time of order. It's been several weeks now and it has not failed to start a single time! Was much more convenient than leaving the truck at a dealership for repair. Highly recommend Auto Tech Electronic!

(Rating 10/10)
John Todd
Very pleased with their product. Saved me 400 bucks over dealer for same parts. I have a 12 ram 1500. My win module went out. I ordered a module from them, which came with 2 keys. It was plug and play fully programmed. My quote from a dealer was 600 for the box 200 for each key and an hour shop time apiece which would have been 1300 and change. I definitely recommend ordering your ignition here

(Rating 10/10)
william lattimer
Hi my name is Richard, I contacted these people for when module for our Jeep at first I had my doubts but what I learned quick fast in a hurry that I had no need to worry I got my win module within 3 days I went out plugged it in and it started the vehicle right up. The staff was real friendly I would recommend a friend even a neighbor these people do a great service for the car company made them their families and all be blessed and Jesus name Amen

(Rating 10/10)
Everything works just like they said I highly recommend them for your win module. It was plug and play no hassle and happy with the product!
Thank you

(Rating 10/10)
David Quintana
I needed a WIN module for my 2012 3500 Ram and i needed it quick!
I text the number on the website and didn't expect to get an answer being it was late and after hours. But to my surprise I got a text back and within minutes I had the WIN module ordered and paid for! After hours!...
That was awesome how Cindy went above and beyond to get me all straight' WIN and key fobs ordered and sent out the next business day!
I give them a 10/10 twice!! I will certainly recommend them to anyone!
Thank you Cindy for being so nice helpful!

(Rating 10/10)
Wayne Tachera
I ordered the push button start for my Ram that was having issues with the fob system, this product resolved the problem. Great product and great service. Very quick and easy to install.

(Rating 10/10)
Kevin Fisher
I recently completed the installation of the Basic RAM Push to Start kit. The kit I ordered was delivered, as promised. The installation instructions are written in sufficient detail to make this job easy for the most novice and also serve as a great guide for the more experienced. Every interaction with the competent staff was professional and very courteous, the service was just outstanding!

(Rating 10/10)
John R.
I would rate Auto Tech Electronic 15/10 for customer service, parts assistance, parts price, speedy service and above all else honesty and wanting to save a customer money above making money for their business. I wish them all the best and will certainly be recommending them to everyone.
THIS IS THE REASON FOR MY RATING: Firstly, I live in Australia and when I had a problem with my WIN module I searched Australia for help and was told by one Chrysler Dealership: They'd need my car for at least 3 hours before they would order the WIN and this was just to make sure that's what I actually did need. This was despite me telling them what the car was doing, what I'd tried to solve the problem and what I had concluded I needed to fix it. I said ok, if I bring it in and you find out it is the WIN that needs replacing, do you have one in stock and if so how much is it? They didn't have it in stock and said it may take 6 months or more for one to arrive, as they had been waiting for Jeep ones for longer than that. They quoted me a price and told me that price didn't include labour to install the new WIN and that would be 3-5 hours labour. I thought ok, so they are going to rip me off with labour to confirm I needed a WIN, the actual cost of the WIN and the labour to install it - I already knew what the problem was, the cost of a new one and that I could install it myself as it was plug & play. So I started searching and found Auto Tech Electronic. I emailed them with my problem and soon received a response (despite the 12 hour time difference). Right from the start they were helpful, asked several questions to make sure I did actually need a WIN and then offered me the cost saving option of sending my WIN to them to be repaired, which was amazing considering I had already said I wanted to buy a new one, I didn't even know mine could be fixed. I chose to purchase a new one as I really couldn't be without my car for the amount of time I THOUGHT it would take to ship it there, get it repaired and ship it back. Purchasing a new one was still cheaper from Auto Tech than it was to purchase just the WIN in Australia, even with the difference between USD and AUD. Anyway I am very pleased I did and after purchasing on the 27th December 2022 I received it on the 4th January 2023 and it was in my car 45 minutes later - car is as good as new. I wish I had found Auto Tech Electronic a lot sooner and saved myself all the stress of searching Australia.

(Rating 10/10)
I just wanted to drop a line about how good the service was, got it fast, as I was getting impatient I reached out to someone by text, to my surprise instantly responded told me when & where my order was made I had an additional copy of invoice with tracking number on it, package showed up as planned, I reached out to you guys again by text only because the new one didn't look like my old one,but instantly responded with it was an upgraded module & got rid off antenna. Anyhow hooked it up in less than 5 mins & she was cookin again! So bravo & hats off to this outfit, it's hard to come by personable service like that out here in California!

(Rating 10/10)
Dave W.
This was a good way to go to get a new replacement. (I was Skeptical as well) Customer service was there anytime I had questions. Got replacement to me promptly. Works perfectly. With a more up to date module for my 2012 ram 1500 sport. Greatly appreciated. I will definitely recommend to anyone wanting to get it done on there own instead of dealership in this case. Thank you!

(Rating 10/10)
Jeremiah k

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