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Average Rating: 9.93/10
Have a 2013 ram 2500. Was having trouble starting and getting wrong key fob message. Ordered the push to start upgrade kit. Got my kit next day. Easy install and was great that it's all Mopar parts.took about 45 min to do and that's not even rushing it. Worked first time. Do be aware. The kit pics and what u actually are a little different as you will get an extra antenna that isn't in the pic or the install video . Make sure to install and hook up all 3 antennas. Other than that. Well worth the money. I highly recommend this kit to anyone having problems with their win module or fobik.
(Rating 10/10)
William Gallant
My 2012 RAM 1500 started having difficulty starting a couple weeks back, I learned that if I turned the key very hard left and then immediately to the start position it would usually start. Until I broke the keyfob in the ignition. Out of luck, I searched for a cure online and found Auto Tech Electronic, LLC. I was hesitant to spend just under $1,000 for a quick fix, but the ignition and keys arrived very quickly (I paid for overnight shipping) and was literally plug-n-play. Could not be happier / Relieved I didn't throw the money away as I was so skeptical to begin with!
(Rating 10/10)
Steve Burgess
Ordered a module for my 2010 RAM late one night way after hours. I did not ask for next day shipping. I got my conformation around noon the following day saying my order has been placed and not long after that my item was shipped. It showed up the following day at 10am! Very impressed with the responsiveness of the company and their product works like a charm. I highly recommend AUTO TECH ELECTRONIC for your WIN module needs!
Thank you!
(Rating 10/10)
Had a great experience working with these guy's would highly recommend to anyone saved me a lot of time and money.
(Rating 10/10)
Rick D.
My wireless ignition module went out on me on my 2010 Dodge 2500 diesel. Called around dealerships said that they needed to have the truck in their shop in order to install and program a new WIM. Towing was going to cost 245 plus the cost for dealership to have their technician install and program the new one. I tried calling ATE but due to the number of calls at the moment I was asked to either leave a message or text them. Started texting my issue and Cindy was very helpful and advised what model I would need and how much, even helped me upgrade to the future remote start opinions. I had the new WIN plus 2 new key fobs programmed and in my hands less then 24 hours and installed in less then 5. Everything works great and have been very happy with the results more so the amount of money I saved. Thank you ATE for your professional help and awesome customer service. Jeff
(Rating 10/10)
Here is my story. I was having intermittent starting issues with my 2014 Dodge Ram Lonestar. I would receive a Wrong Key Fob error message. The truck sometimes would not start for days. I searched the web for a solution and ran across a YouTube video that mentioned Auto Tech. I thought it was my WIN module, but after speaking to a tech, they told me it was more than likely the RF Hub. They provided a price for the RF Hub and 2 programmed key fobs and shipping price. I ordered the kit, and it arrived in 3 days as promised. I had to remove the rear seat to access the Hub. It was an easy installation; the seat bolts were difficult to remove, but all went OK. It was plug and play since they programmed the RF Hub and 2 key fobs to my truck. I thought I had issues after installation, but the tech told me that I needed to drive it some. All is back to normal. Auto Tech was very responsive to my texts before and after my purchase. If needed, I will definitely do business again without hesitation. Quality service and delivery.
(Rating 10/10)
Andy Pena
I ended up at Auto Tech after many calls to diff mechanics and on-line searches. My Chrysler 300 2005 would not start. 2 tows to local mechanic, then tow to dealer & I was told the immobilizer WCM was damaged and Chrysler no longer makes part. I communicated with Cindy at Auto Tech who found & got the part. She was very professional and helpful and was determined to help me get my car back. She explained everything to me that dealer would not need to do any programming, etc. So far so good! I am grateful for Cindy's help and to have my car back working after 3 whole months! While my car is a 2005, a new engine was installed before this part went. Thank you!
(Rating 10/10)
N Kazameas
Dealership was charging me like 1200 and I was going to need a tow truck to get my truck to the dealership that was going to be like another 300. Saved like 500 bucks. Their YouTube video walked me through to remove and install the wireless ignition node. Thanks for helping me get my truck back on the road.
(Rating 8/10)
GREAT company.
When I took the old part to an auto parts store, they told me my truck did not have one.
Thanks to ATE I was up and running in two days. They also helped diagnose another problem and got it solved.
(Rating 10/10)
I own a 2012 Ram 2500 4x4 with a 5.7 Hemi. Here’s the story. My truck suddenly would not start one night after taking my wife out to eat Ended up costing $200 to get it towed home. Got online and started learning these trucks were notoriously having problems after 100k miles. I learned what a WIN module was. Dealership wanted upwards of $1500 to replace it AND I would have to have it towed to them for repair (another $200). Then I found ATE. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I could do the repair/replacement myself for a fraction of the dealer cost. I read the reviews. I couldn’t believe someone made the WIN module that was completely programmed and ready to install. Placed my order. Got the new WIN module and 2 pre-programmed keys in 3 days. It took literally 4 minutes to install it and my truck started right up and was ready to roll. Thank you ATE.
(Rating 10/10)
J Love

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