Volkswagen Wireless Ignition Node - Remote Start
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Product ID : win4VW_RS

Volkswagen Wireless Ignition Node - Remote Start

Sale Price: $699.95
Compared at: $999.95
You Save: $300.00
Manufacturer: Volkswagen
Weight: 0.80 lbs


*Please note that our cutoff for Next Day shipping is at 3PM the latest. Next Day is not guaranteed regardless of time received.
  • This unit comes already programmed and ready to use.
  • 3 Year Warranty Nationwide - 36 months with no mileage limitation 
  • Plug and Play / No need to take it to the dealership. 
International Orders - Please call us to place your order!  International shipping will require a minimum of 7 - 10 business days to complete.

2011-2014 Volkswagen Routan 
  • Mopar
  • 68210151AB, 68210151AA, 68210151AC, 68241110AA, 68241110AB, 68241110AC, 68241111AA, 68241111AB, 68241111AC
  • Ignition Switch
  • 68066724AC, 68066724AD, 68066724AE, 68066724AF, 68066724AG, 68064789AC, 68064789AD, 68064789AE, 68064789AF, 68064789AG, 5026529AB, 5026529AC, 5026529AD, 5026529AE, 68210150AA, 68064957AI, 5026868AA, 5026868AB, 5026868AC, 5026868AD, 5026871AA, 5026871AB, 5026871AC, 5026871AD, 5026873AD, 5026873AE, 5026878AD, 5026884AB, 5026884AC, 5026884AD, 5026884AE, 5026296AD, 5026296AE, 5026296AF, 5026297AD, 5026297AE, 5026297AF, 5026364AG, 5026364AH, 5026364AI, 5026364AJ, 5026364AK, 5026364AL, 5026364AM, 5026365AG.
  • Other Part Numbers: P68241061AC, P68241061AB, P68241061AA, 6824106AC, 6824106AB, 6824106AA, P68241052AC, P68241052AB, P68241052AA, 68241052AC, 68241052AB, 68241052AA, 68241061AA, 68241061AB, 68241061AC, P68241110AA, P68241110AB, P68241110AC, P68241111AA, P68241111AB, P68241111AC
  • MUST be equipped with OEM Keyless Entry

  • New WIN Repair Kit comes with 2 New Fobik Remotes with insert keys.
  • Does NOT include Push Button
  • New WIN comes programmed to your vehicle's VIN. Just Plug and Drive
  • Additional Pod keys can also be purchased
    • Also programmed to your vehicle, will start the vehicle
    • Pod keys are NOT CUT.
  • $100 for each additional Fobik - Covered under our 3 year warranty

To view a quick video as to WHY the 2nd generation WIN modules cannot be repaired.

Returns/refunds are permitted.  However, there is a 20% restocking fee on all product returns.

*We are not responsible for lost, held, or damaged packages. We are not responsible for mis-delivery errors via carrier, or incorrect shipping info. Shipping is a service you purchase from USPS/FedEx along with your order from us, so any shipping issues must be handled by USPS/FedEx.*


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by sebashern86
01/18/2019 - 05:48:22 PM
Working better than before
My wife was having trouble starting up the Vehicle she needed to find the "sweet spot" before she was able to get it to go if not it would only crank but not start so I decided to take it to several mechanics when they told us that the win module wasn't working anymore and that we would need to take it to the dealership so we did and it turned out to be a price range out of our budget so we decided to check out webpages and ebay and we came across auto tech so we called and asked about the problem and they were able to help me out in finding the right product very affordable and came in time thank you so much for taking the time in helping me out :)