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I contacted them about our 2014 Ram 3500 and told them the problem and also told them what the dealer said they told me the problem was something else and I bought the rf hub anyway against what there tech told me that I might be wasting money but he also said it might fix our problem and it did fix our problem so just wanted to say thank you guys for the help

(Rating 10/10)
The WIN module I ordered from Auto Tech arrived overnight, installed and worked exactly as advertised. It restored full functionality to my 2011 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel. I greatly appreciated the courteous and knowledgeable service provided by Auto Tech Electronic.

(Rating 10/10)
Donald Harrod
Have a 2013 dodge ram 1500, left me stranded across town, key fob not responding to ignition, contacted ATE, they helped me diagnose the RF HUB as the Faulty part, ATE set me up with the correct parts package , it arrived in 2 days, they even provided me an instructional video for the install. Wow absolutely professional grade all the way, plug and play new RF HUB and 2 new fobs, would highly recommend ATE.

(Rating 10/10)
jeff coy
I have a 2010 Dodge Challenger RT that needed a WIN module. Dodge had no clue when they could get one and said there was 1200 of them on back order. Long story short within one day shipped to Canada, next day installed and works perfect. If I was one of the 1199 people still on the Dodge waiting list I would not be happy.

(Rating 10/10)
Al C
Thank you for a great product. Didn't know how well my newly purchased 2008 Dodge Hemi Sport was gonna perform since the WIN module was going bad and shutting down with no warning.
Got yours installed and I've unleashed a Beast!
Many Thanks!

(Rating 10/10)
I was having issues with my 2012 ram 1500…did some research and found this company, and glad I did! Thank you Cindy and your team of professionals, I will be recommending you all to every ram owner I know!
Charlie B.

(Rating 10/10)
Charles B
Have a 2013 ram 2500. Was having trouble starting and getting wrong key fob message. Ordered the push to start upgrade kit. Got my kit next day. Easy install and was great that it's all Mopar parts.took about 45 min to do and that's not even rushing it. Worked first time. Do be aware. The kit pics and what u actually are a little different as you will get an extra antenna that isn't in the pic or the install video . Make sure to install and hook up all 3 antennas. Other than that. Well worth the money. I highly recommend this kit to anyone having problems with their win module or fobik.

(Rating 10/10)
William Gallant
My 2012 RAM 1500 started having difficulty starting a couple weeks back, I learned that if I turned the key very hard left and then immediately to the start position it would usually start. Until I broke the keyfob in the ignition. Out of luck, I searched for a cure online and found Auto Tech Electronic, LLC. I was hesitant to spend just under $1,000 for a quick fix, but the ignition and keys arrived very quickly (I paid for overnight shipping) and was literally plug-n-play. Could not be happier / Relieved I didn't throw the money away as I was so skeptical to begin with!

(Rating 10/10)
Steve Burgess
Ordered a module for my 2010 RAM late one night way after hours. I did not ask for next day shipping. I got my conformation around noon the following day saying my order has been placed and not long after that my item was shipped. It showed up the following day at 10am! Very impressed with the responsiveness of the company and their product works like a charm. I highly recommend AUTO TECH ELECTRONIC for your WIN module needs!
Thank you!

(Rating 10/10)
Had a great experience working with these guy's would highly recommend to anyone saved me a lot of time and money.

(Rating 10/10)
Rick D.

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